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eVisa to Saudi Arabi

eVisa to KSA ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia): Important information

Application for the eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a simple process and shouldn’t get you confused, therefore we have come up with some general information and important tips to help you better understand what is required and how to get this visa. We have come up with some important information you need to know and answers to questions applicants asks most of the time, and this is to ensure that your Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia application is done correctly and with the right details.

In the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, citizens from other countries usually find it very difficult to visit, but the government wants a change and also wants to promote tourism in the country. The Saudi government has been working hard and with advanced technologies, the government authorities have implemented several policies to make it easier for visitors to gain access to the country as tourists.

Visa to KSA – Application form

Visa to KSA
Visa to KSA

What is the duration of my eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)?

This online visa for Saudi Arabia has a 90-day validity period and it starts counting from when your application is approved. Though the duration of this visa might seem short to you, but it is a tourist visa and the 90-day period is fair enough for you to visit the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and experience its culture.

With this Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, qualified citizens from over 50 countries can legally enter the country as tourists or for short visits. Before this eVisa was made available, the only way citizens of other countries can visit the country was by applying for a visa for the purpose of conduction business or for religious pilgrimages, and this can be a tedious process because one has to visit an embassy or a consulate.

Applying for this eVisa doesn’t take much time and is straightforward since it is done completely online. Within a couple of minutes, you are done with the application, and your eVisa application will then be reviewed and an approval message will be sent to you shortly.

However, it is important to note that this visa should be applied carefully because a simple mistake like misspelling of your name could make your application to be rejected.

Visa to KSA – Application form

eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Why was the eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced?

The country has implemented some policies, and one of these policies is the eVisa. The online form for Saudi eVisa is easy to fill, and this eVisa serves two main purposes:

Firstly, the eVisa is designed to open the country up for tourism. In the history of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia foreigners find it very difficult to visit the country, but now policies are being implemented to ensure that foreigners are encouraged to visit the country.

This is why the eVisa was introduced and since it is easy to apply and it doesn’t take long for applications to be granted approval, many foreigners from different countries are applying to obtain the eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wherever you are in the world, and from which ever country you are applying from, the eVisa is done online and you can fill it without leaving your home. This is a nice development because you won’t have to join long queues at the embassy for a tourist visa or wait tirelessly at the airport for a visa on arrival.

The second most important reason this eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was introduced is to make it very easy for the government to strengthen border checks using modern techniques. Since the eVisa is specially linked to the passport of the visa holder, the government authorities of Saudi Arabia can easily and efficiently control how citizens of other countries enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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How secure is my eVisa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

This is a very important question, and due to the sensitive nature of the visa, the government of Saudi Arabia have implemented top-notch security measures and systems to protect the data of applicants. All your personal information and other data keyed into the online application form when applying are encrypted using the latest security technologies, and this makes it impossible for third parties to have access to your credit card details and other information you provide.

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